Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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Transform Utility Planning and Operations with the Elpis RE|Grid® Suite

Simplify utility planning, engineering, and operations with the power of the Elpis RE|Grid Suite. In an age of expanding data volumes and ever-increasing demands on the grid, the Elpis RE|Grid Suite provides data accuracy, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence. From present-day operations to future-focused planning, our suite aligns features to meet the needs of utilities, providing actionable intelligence for unparalleled performance.

With advanced analytics, seamless integration, and a scalable approach, we empower utilities to adapt to evolving demands and a changing energy landscape. From tailored solutions and wildfire detection to a strong focus on ROI and security, Elpis sets a new standard for utility grid management.

Unparalleled Intelligence

Combine validated data accuracy with reliability and speed in the Elpis RE|Grid Suite. Get to actionable insights faster with full trust in the results. Incorporating present system optimization needs with predictive maintenance through long-term planning needs with extensive power analysis, RE|Grid Suite has been designed for forward-thinking utilities.

Next-Gen Data-Driven Applications

The Elpis RE|Grid Suite features a library of pre-configured data and system adapters, customizable data mappings, business logic for data handling, data governance rules, and continuous monitoring, all fortified with standard cybersecurity best practices.

System Design and Architecture Highlights

The Elpis RE|Grid Suite is infrastructure agnostic, offering flexible deployment options including on-premise, cloud, or hybrid models. With database options ranging from Oracle to Cassandra, we prioritize advanced query capabilities and rapid access to structured and time series data. Embedded end-to-end security ensures data protection from network to process levels.

Scale & Data Access

Seamless integration with various BI tools allows for comprehensive data models. The platform scales both vertically and horizontally, with proven results integrating millions of AMI meters and SCADA devices.

Comprehensive Integration

The Elpis RE|Grid Suite offers a unified platform that encompasses everything from DER integration to wildfire detection. Seamlessly connect different aspects of energy management for streamlined operations.

Advanced Analytics and Prediction

Harness the power of AI combined with data analytics for real-time monitoring and predictive insights. Anticipate challenges before they escalate, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Woman checking utility lines while referring to data on a tablet image
icon for model validator

Model Validator

Improve data accuracy to quickly get to verified, actionable information.

icon for system planner

System Planner

Unify critical system planning tasks under one platform.

icon for power analyzer

Power Analyzer

Simplify complexity with system-wide power flow analysis.

icon for customer interconnect DER

Customer InterconnectDER

Automate and streamline the DER interconnection process.

icon for service optimizer

Service Optimizer

Generate quality of service insights raising end customer satisfaction.

User Groups

Utility planning icon Utility engineering icon Utility operations icon System integrators icon
Utility Planning Utility Engineering Utility Operations System Integrators
Model Validator
Validating the digital network model and in-field state
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System Planner
Planning tasks under one platform
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Power Analyzer
Analyzing power flow withing big data ecosystems
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Customer InterconnectDER
Interconnecting DERs made simple, fast, and effective
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Service Optimizer
Optimizing quality of service within grid standards
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