Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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RE|Grid® System Planner

Accurate Grid Planning and Forecasting

The RE|Grid System Planner (RSP) is a comprehensive platform that makes system planning easy. Designed for heightened situational awareness, the RSP offers an accurate, multi-level view of system status, giving utilities the insights needed to make informed and efficient planning decisions.

Screen of RE|Grid System Planner
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Long-Term Forecasting

Quickly forecast energy needs with adjustable weather, load profiles, and economic drivers, enabling precise long-term planning.

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Enhanced Data Usability

Gain a precise understanding of system capacity and scenario impacts, facilitating quicker and better-informed planning decisions.

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Reduced O&M Expenses

Replace tedious and error-prone data preparation with automation and AI, minimizing operational costs.

Unified Planning Platform

Streamline essential system planning functions, providing a single hub for critical tasks.

8760 Load Profiles

8760 load profile data cleansing and normalization, ensuring reliable intelligence.

Load Aggregation

Strategically aggregate load data, providing valuable insights into grid performance.

Data Quality

Leverage machine learning for load data cleansing and normalization, enhancing accuracy.

DER and EV Libraries

Integrate DER and electric vehicle curve libraries for comprehensive load modeling and hosting capacity analysis.

Approach long-term forecasting and grid management with accurate insights using the RE|Grid System Planner. Contact us to explore how RSP can optimize your utility’s planning processes.

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