Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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Grid Management Solutions for DER Integration

Integrating distributed energy resources (DERs) has emerged as a crucial challenge for utility planners, engineers, and IT/OT experts. The Elpis RE|Grid® Suite offers a solution for utilities that incorporates AI with clean data for streamlined grid planning and load management, resulting in DERs that benefit the grid daily.

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Driving the Future with Unification and Innovation

Transform fragmented solutions into a cohesive powerhouse. The platform combines critical system planning tasks, providing utilities like yours with a comprehensive analysis and real-time insights into load profiles, DER hosting capacity, and EV load data. This comprehensive approach allows utilities to confidently make accurate and swift decisions.

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Seamless DER Application Management

Elpis’ Customer InterconnectDER automates DER application management, enhancing visibility into demand response, DER, and EV load data. This streamlines the integration and management of diverse energy resources, equipping utilities to optimize their energy mix effortlessly.

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Holistic Integration for Unified Operations

Elpis’ holistic approach doesn’t stop at DER integration—it extends to wildfire detection and other energy management aspects. The platform’s comprehensive integration ensures seamless interoperability and streamlined operations, eliminating fragmentation-induced complexities.

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Solar, wind, energy storage, and EVs are shaping the grid in ways the industry has just begun to plan for. Elpis is ready to work with utilities to initiate a more efficient, sustainable grid while turning DER integration challenges into opportunities into the future.

Explore what your data can tell you about DER integration and sustainable grid planning with Elpis.

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