Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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Enabling Smarter EV Load Management

With the rapid growth of EV adoption, utilities face challenges in effectively managing EV load while maintaining a resilient grid. Elpis’ advanced software solutions are designed to address these challenges, providing comprehensive tools for supply and load management, demand response, and distributed energy resources (DERs) integration.

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Seamless DER Application Management

Our Customer InterconnectDER streamlines the process of managing various DER applications, offering enhanced visibility into demand response, DER, and EV load data, streamlining efficient grid integration.

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Holistic System Planning

Our System Planner unifies critical system planning tasks, including load profile normalization, capacity forecasting, and EV load analysis, enabling utilities to optimize energy resources and strategically plan for the future.

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Next-Generation Load Management

Our Power Flow Engine and RE|Grid® System Planner incorporate advanced technology to handle complex load management tasks, giving utilities a competitive edge in managing EVs, DERs, and renewable resources.

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As utilities strive to integrate EVs, DERs, and renewable resources into their grids, the Elpis RE|Grid® Suite offers a comprehensive solution.

By integrating the Customer InterconnectDER and System Planner, utilities gain a cohesive view of the entire energy landscape. This empowers efficient DER management, improves demand response visibility, and facilitates accurate planning for the future EV load, enabling more informed decisions to adapt to evolving energy needs.

Explore the future of EV load management and grid optimization with Elpis.

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