Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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Wildfire Detection for Safer Grid Management

Accurate wildfire detection and immediate response within the utility landscape is crucial. Elpis’ Wildfire Detection System (WDS) is a groundbreaking solution tailored to address the challenges faced by utilities. With a focus on real-time monitoring, advanced AI technology, and seamless integration, the WDS empowers utilities to take proactive measures in preventing ignition events, safeguarding their infrastructure, and protecting customers.

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Immediate Ignition Detection with AI-Powered Sensors

The WDS employs state-of-the-art infrared sensors that can identify heat signatures indicative of a fire’s ignition, offering real-time alerts even before visible flames appear.

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Enhanced Precision through Multi-Layered Validation

By combining infrared sensors with image classification algorithms and satellite imagery, our system ensures pinpoint accuracy in fire detection, allowing for precise location identification.

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24/7 Monitoring Capability

Infrared sensors are capable of detecting heat signatures in any lighting conditions, ensuring continuous monitoring and rapid response, day or night.

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Utilities face a critical challenge in reducing the ignition gap and minimizing the risk of wildfires. Current ignition monitoring technologies often lack the necessary accuracy and real-time capabilities to effectively address these concerns. Elpis’ WDS offers a transformative solution that integrates with existing monitoring and response systems. The system not only alerts relevant personnel in real-time but also facilitates seamless coordination and response, ensuring the swift deployment of resources where they are needed most. The WDS also minimizes false alarms through comprehensive validation methods, directing resources towards real threats and optimizing response efficiency.

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