Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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Navigate a Transforming Grid with Confidence

Intelligent Insights for Utility Planning and Operations

Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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Informed Grid Management

Make fast, effective decisions using accurate data even as electric grids grow more varied and complex.

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Rapid, Accurate Forecasting

Find the best strategy for your future utility customers by running hundreds of long-term forecast models in the time it takes others to run one scenario.

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Analytics Designed for Utilities

Purpose-built for utilities to integrate with existing systems and pre-configured libraries to save you time.

Utilities can’t afford the time or the risk of experimenting with a new analytics platform, only to discover its lack of reliability. The Elpis Squared team, consisting of members with substantial utility experience, is acutely aware of this reality. Over the last decade, we have refined our product offerings to not only tackle existing utility challenges but to also foresee potential future issues and prospects. Our ongoing innovation goes hand in hand with an unwavering dedication to ensuring reliability while meeting the distinctive requirements of each utility.

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Utility Planning

Rely on accurate data with actionable information that automatically discovers gaps to improve outage responses, switching plans, and more. Plan system capacity and the impact of various scenarios with rapid, accurate forecasting, and integrate DER interconnection with long-term planning.

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Utility Engineering

Reduce risk from operational and calculation errors due to poor data quality. Ensure better safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction using Elpis’ next-generation power flow engine. Confidently prioritize infrastructure upgrades and integrated DER.

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Utility Operations

Reduce O&M expenses due to tedious and high error-prone data preparation processes. Optimize power delivery to customers. And save time with in-depth outage exception reporting and data filtering.

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System Integration

Expedite the availability of an “ADMS-ready” network model, while integrating advanced grid management functions with AMI data. Automate 8760 load profile creation, as well as DER and EV curve libraries.

RE|Grid® Suite Platform

Transforming questionable data into valuable insights, the Elpis RE|Grid Suite platform helps utilities wade through volumes of data for accurate insights to inform effective planning, engineering, and operations. Purpose-built for utilities, the platform provides five integrated modules to support grid management now and in the future.

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