Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

Elpis Squared is now Itron logo

RE|Grid® Service Optimizer

Maximize Grid Operations

The RE|Grid Service Optimizer (RSO) generates quality of service insights that raises end customer satisfaction and increases the efficiency of power delivery. The RSO harnesses advanced insights to optimize operations and empower utilities to navigate the evolving energy landscape with precision.

Screen of RE|Grid Service Optimizer
icon for enhanced power delivery

Enhanced Power Delivery

Insights to ensure seamless power delivery, minimizing disruptions.

icon for proactive operations

Proactive Operations

Identify system constraints before they impact customers, enabling swift and effective proactive measures.

icon for strategic asset management

Strategic Asset Management

Intelligent asset prioritization to guide resource allocation for maximum impact on grid performance.

icon for intelligent severity index

Intelligent Severity Index

Prioritize maintenance with an algorithmic ranking of overloaded transformers.

icon for automatic voltage profiling

Automated Voltage Profiling

Create voltage profiles using time-series data for informed voltage management.

icon for proactive event analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Detect and address asset performance issues preemptively, minimizing service disruptions.

Distribution Transformer Utilization Analysis

Understand transformer loads for optimized grid performance.

Service Voltage Performance Management

Continuously monitor voltage levels to maintain grid stability.

Service Conductor Overload Analysis

Monitor service conductor performance to prevent overloads.

Utility power lines surrounded by trees image

The RE|Grid Service Optimizer’s (RSO) advanced insights and features enhance power delivery, streamline operations, and ensure customer satisfaction. Take the next step towards a smarter energy transformation today.

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