Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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From Data to Decisions: Innovations in Accurate Grid Planning and Maintenance

Elpis’ cutting-edge RE|Grid® Suite is your resource for effective preventative maintenance and grid planning. Define and refine your strategy for optimizing long-duration assets and smoothly transition towards net zero. With a commitment to continuous innovation and an eye on future challenges, Elpis is your partner in making precise, efficient, and sustainable decisions that shape the energy landscape for the next 20+ years.

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Real-Time Environmental Insights

Gain real-time data on environmental factors impacting long-duration assets. Monitor efficiency, track environmental impact, and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information with the Elpis RE|Grid Suite.

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Holistic and Informative Networks

Integrate the Elpis platform to create a responsive network that prioritizes safety, reliability, and sustainability. Seamlessly manage energy supply, storage, and demand while aligning with regulatory standards.

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Greener Future through Data

Utilize advanced modeling tools to simulate and analyze the environmental impact of different deployment scenarios. Make eco-conscious decisions, track greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve compliance with environmental regulations.

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Embrace the future of utility preventative maintenance with Elpis. Our comprehensive suite of solutions allows utilities to forecast, monitor, and manage long-duration assets with unprecedented accuracy. With data-driven insights, Elpis equips you to meet today’s challenges and anticipate the opportunities of tomorrow.

Contact Elpis today if your utility is ready to make informed decisions, ensure reliability, and drive sustainable growth.

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