Itron Acquires Elpis Squared, Expands Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio.

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RE|Grid® Power Analyzer

Simplifying Grid Management

The RE|Grid Power Analyzer (RPA) is a sophisticated solution that cuts through complexity by using big data ecosystems for comprehensive system-wide analysis. By enhancing grid reliability, the RPA streamlines operations and ensures optimal performance. The RPA’s innovative features simplify grid management and efficient decision-making.

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Enhanced Reliability

Identify potential issues and best-case mitigation options, ensuring operational safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

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Real-Time Coordination

Seamlessly balance flexible customer loads and distribution grid assets in real-time, optimizing demand and supply alignment.

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Automated Fault Detection

Rapidly detect and isolate faults, automating service restoration processes and minimizing downtime.

Next-Generation Power Flow Engine

Using large data sets, distributed computing, and advanced algorithms, RPW automatically optimizes power flow.

Time-Series Load Flow Analysis

Analyze load flow on an hourly basis throughout the year to anticipate demand changes and optimize power flow in real-time.

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Overcapacity and Voltage Analysis

Identify areas of overcapacity and monitor voltage levels for optimal energy resource allocation and voltage level maintenance.

Short-Circuit Analysis

Detect faults quickly and accurately, enabling swift isolation and automated service restoration processes.

Mitigation Modeling

Model various scenarios to optimize coordination between transmission and customer loads, aligning with real-time demand.

Balanced and Imbalanced Network Support

The RPA accommodates both balanced and imbalanced radial networks, ensuring flexibility in analysis and optimization.

Contact Elpis to learn how the RE|Grid Power Analyzer (RPA) can be your gateway to simplified grid management using advanced power flow analysis.

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