We Can Help You With:

Management and optimization solutions for the electric utility industry.


We can help with the integration of complex analytics pipelines. Integration of analytics software and middleware, Big Data and Machine Learning frameworks.


We can provide custom development solutions to extend our product lines or create tailored solutions to fit specific needs.

Data Science

We can help refine and extend your current algorithms, or produce new ML functions to extract value from your current data.

Why choose us?


Our Grid Foundry product line is the industry leading analytics platform. Created with the domain knowledge of engineers and industry experts, and the technical expertise of software developers and designers, it delivers an unmatched end-to-end analytics solution.


We deliver software and services through a combination of Agile, Lean, and Continuous Learning approaches. Adapting to change is central to all of these approaches and plays a key role in guiding our teams.


We are a diverse group of industry experts, software developers, designers and electrical engineers. We have decades of industry and technical experience that allow us to provide unquestionable value to our customers.