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The RE|Grid platform is a focused, flexible end-to-end analytics solution designed to solve real-world problems faced by electric utilities.

The Problem

Utilities can't answer basic questions about the status, performance, and condition of many key components of their smart grid. While large amounts of raw data are being collected, most utilities are deriving limited value from this trove of source data.

Too Much Data

You are storing data from AMI, SCADA, OMS, GIS, and many other sources. Can you clean, validate, join, and transform this data at scale for meaningful analytics?

Incomplete Data

Real world data is messy and incomplete. Does your analytics solution anticipate and deal with this reality?

Lack of Expertise

Analytics pipelines are complex, with many moving pieces. Do you have the specific domain knowledge to architect, deploy, and grow and analytics solution?

One-size-fits-all Solutions

Many large vendors offer general analytics solutions, not specifically targeted to your use case. Can these expensive walled gardens really deliver the value you need?

Technology Choices

With so many technologies in your data center, which stack should you use for analytics? Is there only one choice?

Cloud vs On-Premise

Is it time to move your analytics to the cloud? Do internal requirement mandate an on premise solution? Would a hybrid model work even better?

The Solution

Analytics in The Cloud

RE|Grid Cloud offers a fully managed, highly configurable analytics platform. A quickly deployed, secure, scalable solution. You provide the data, we do the rest.

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End-to-end Analytics Framework

Build powerful, flexible analytics pipelines on premise in your data center. The RE|Grid framework delivers powerful data processing, machine learning, and visualization at scale.

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Outage Management w/ Machine Learning

A software suite designed to provide a centralized platform for monitoring, analyzing, managing, and optimizing distribution network outages.

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The Details

Asset Load Management

Leverage interval load data to characterize transformer utilization and identify overloaded transformers. Assess transformer overload impact to customer voltages and system reliability. Provide transformer replacement recommendations.

Voltage Management

Ensure delivered voltage is within ANSI C84.1 specifications. Avoid customer equipment failures due to extreme high or low voltages. Optimize voltage regulating device settings (i.e. cap banks, LTCs, etc.) Identify and mitigate phase voltage imbalance and identify end-of-line voltage issues.

Outage Management

Dynamically monitor real-time power outages and restorations. Live system mapping of active and restored outages. Validate outages programmatically by verifying comm state using ping, as well as other API supported functionality.

DER Management

Understand voltage affects from renewable energy loads. Continuously monitor and characterize distributed generation and EV usage to identify impacted feeders and highlight its impacts to system reliability.

Distribution Management

Quantify reliability modeling of your Distribution Management Infrastructure. Create profiles for planning and engineering by dynamically measuring and characterizing load on each Feeder. Decompose models on each feeder to properly forecast rolling annual profiles.

Conductor Sizing

Analyze all the secondary and service network assets, e.g. smart meter voltage, power consumption data, and distribution design standards. Estimate the type of secondary/service conductor connecting end points to the service transformer.

Advanced GIS and Mapping

Geospatially visualize all your grid assets, connectivity, and other critical aspects of your infrastructure. Benefit from best in class mapping and visualization integrated across the entire RE|Grid platform.

Data Validation

Correct data quality issues and connectivity models between assets. Record and identify asset relationships (e.g. meter-to-transformer-to-feeder-to-substation.) Geospatially map assets and update real-time statuses to improve overall situational awareness.

Phase Identification

Leverage AMI voltage profiles and GIS connectivity to identify phase at the transformer level. Patented machine learning algorithms use the data you have to produce highly accurate results.

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