Elpis Squared provides innovative, cost effective grid management and optimization solutions for the electric utility industry.

By combining deep industry experience and technical know how with creative ideas, we produce intelligent, reliable and leading-edge technologies that add value to our customer's businesses and shape the future of the modern power system.

We provide technology and services that help our customers address the limitations of an old and ageing infrastructure by leveraging smart meter data.


RE|Grid™ Operations

Next Generation Grid Management Software

Replace reactive processes with proactive management

RE|Grid™ Operations provides advanced monitoring and situational awareness for the modern grid. Using a flexible Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system, RE|Grid™ Operations can collect, synthesize, and analyze disperate data to provide the most advanced operations system in the market today.

  • Support real-time network and device monitoring.
  • Collect, synthesize, and analyze disparate data from multiple sources.
  • Visually profile data elements and highlight historical trends.
  • Characterize energy usage and patterns.
  • Manage device and system generated events and alarms.
  • Manage device and system generated events and alarms.
  • Utilize day-ahead load and DER generation forecasting to improve daily operations.

RE|Grid™ Planning

Distribution Grid Planner and Load Forecast System

RE|Grid™ Planning is a comprehensive distribution system planning software that utilizes spatial load forecasting, load flow analysis, and near-real time grid data integration to provide distribution planners with the most accurate method for assessing risk, resource planning, and optimizing the distribution grid. With the emergence of new load types and distributed generation such as EV and solar, RE|Grid™ Planning is a next generation tool that accurately and reliably considers these new load types for future resource and system planning.

  • Manage voltage assurance and compliance.
  • Optimize Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) programs.
  • Analyze transformer loading conditions and predict end of life.
  • Conduct spatial load forecasting and load growth analysis.
  • Forecast distributed energy resource generation and growth analysis.
  • Validate ensure data quality and integrity.

About The Company

Elpis Squared is a Portland, Oregon based startup founded to help utilities improve the benefits they obtain from their Smart Grid infrastructure.

About The Team

Our team is composed of a diverse group of industry experts, software developers, designers and electrical engineers.We bring numerous years of industry and technical experience that allow us to provide unquestionable value to our customers.

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